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Five Various Home Office Desks You Can Choose From

by Clifford A.

A home office desk is the main focus of the office space. Even if you don’t use it for professional use other than personal tasks and bill management, getting a suitable desk ensures productivity and organization in your work. The purpose, available space, size, and storage of the desk determine the kind of desk you choose. In this extract, we discuss the types of home office desks.

Types of Desks for Your Home Office

The market is filled with a wide range of desks with varying shapes, colors, and styles. Understanding each type of desk makes the buying process easier and quicker. Below are the various desk types you should know.

1. Writing Desks

They are plain minimalist open desks with a large desktop and little to no storage. Their surface is ideal for writing and typing, and it’s best for laptop use than a desktop. They are placed either against a wall or the center of a room. They are lightweight and straightforward with thin legs because they are not meant to support much weight. The size you pick depends on the location you plan to utilize, and most desks are 36 inches by 24 inches deep.

2. Executive Desk

The desk is known for its broad writing surface and represents a unique and timeless piece. It has a flat surface area of about 72 inches long by 36 inches wide, increasing the user’s ability to see over it. The desk has many storage spaces and mostly appears curved. However, there are styles associated with it, like L-shape, rectangular, U-shape, and massive desk systems. Few people use them in their homes compared to commercial offices, but the mahogany material is a good choice for creating a statement piece.

3. Computer Desk

Unlike the writing desks, this one is designed mainly for the desktop computer. However, you can use your laptop and have more storage space, but it’s not a top choice for most people. The desks are the most functional and practical and come with shelving to place your computer accessories or electronics such as keyboards, printers, hard drives, cables, and peripherals. Some come with keyboard trays and CPU storage areas, but laptops have rendered these features obsolete due to digitalization.

4. Secretary Desk

It comprises of top cabinets or shelves; hence the tp surface isn’t completely flat. They were designed to have that ornate and vintage feel, making the user feel luxurious. However, to suit modern contemporary homes, different finishes are available and in colors like mahogany, oak, cherry, and white painted wood. This type of desk has limited storage, and it’s challenging to use a desktop or printer machine.

5. Floating Desk

Small apartments and rooms utilize this desk to free up some space. It is attached to the wall, with no leg or side support. This has reduced the weight limit and cant hold heavy devices like desktops to prevent any destruction. Processed or lightweight woods are used in construction to secure firmly on the wall.


A home office desk is essential to symbolize a workspace. There are factors to be considered before settling for a particular desk type, like functionality and style preferences. The desk variety in the market helps you find something in your budget, color, and size. Go for quality desks that require easy assembly.

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