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Investing In Bidet Sprayer? Learn the Easiest Installation Methods

by Clifford A.

Homeowners and business professionals in the commercial sector are currently choosing bidet sprayers since they are pretty easy to install. You are just incorporating value to the existing water connection under the toilet. This plays a role in diverting clean water before it actually reaches the toilet. It also sends it to the bidet hose and then the bidet spray head. The process of installing a toilet bidet sprayer is a quick do-it-yourself project, particularly if you are not really sure about the bidets. As soon as you have installed it, it would be best if you remembered how to use it.

Things to remember to do Before the Installation

Before you install the bidet sprayer, you should check the water supply line. This refers to the water connection running between the toilet tank as well as the wall. You should confirm that there is a flexible hose around before installation begins.

Turn off the water reservoir and supply

In many cases, the water supply valve is usually at the wall of the toilet. You should begin by twisting it clockwise and look at how far it will go. After that, flush the toilet as you hold down its handle to empty the tank.

Connect the T-valve

Unscrew the water supply hose right at the fill valve under the toilet tank- and not from the valve of the wall. Confirm that the rubber washer is inside the bidet. Go ahead and screw the T-valve into the toilet’s fill valve. This should be right where you unscrewed the hose. You should watch out not to tighten the connections.

Connect the water supply hose

Tighten the hose of your water supply source to the base of the T-valve. Thereafter, connect the bidet hose to the T-valve. Mount the sprayer head onto the bidet hose.

Turn the water supply on

Next in line is the turning on of the water supply- valve. In case you notice that a connection is loose, you will have to add a plumber’s tape. And if you happen to be leak-free, then your bidet sprayer will be installed and should be ready to use.

The holster toilet mount – the holster toilet mount involves screwing the holster into the tank clip, followed by lifting up the tank lid and sliding the slip into the tank side. The replacement of the lid should then follow this.

Use a reliable drywall screw and the anchors to append the holster to the walls.

Understanding the operation of the warm water toilet bidets

Temperature control is not just for the toilet bidet seats. When you install the bidet mixing valve, you can easily have a hand-held sprayer with both cold as well as hot water. The mixing valve easily connects to the faucet’s hot water line in the sink. You can, therefore, use the handle of the valve to adjust the cold as well as hot water completely.

Final Thoughts

The total cost of a bidet spray and its installation is generally not cheap. In Singapore, it costs about $160 per toilet. Because the installation process is easy since it involves installing a T-valve into the water valve, you can always install one yourself in 30 minutes.

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