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Popular Types Of Crystals Used For Making Chandeliers

by Clifford A.

Staircase chandeliers are types of chandeliers constructed with winding crystals that resemble winding staircases. They can be defined as a type of long chandeliers. They are also a type of crystal chandelier. As the name suggests, crystal chandeliers are made from crystals as their primary material. There are different types of crystals for chandeliers on the market. This post covers the primary ones.

Types of crystals for chandeliers

Here are some common types of crystals used for making chandeliers:

1. K9 Crystals

Perhaps this is the most popular type of crystal for chandeliers. This is because it does not require many incisions when cutting down the crystal to the desired chandelier shape. This type of crystal is also known for its low dispersal features. They are also preferred for crystal manufacturing because they are lighter than other types of crystals.

For this reason, with K9 crystal chandeliers, your ceiling is safe from damages caused by heavy light fixtures. K9 crystals are made from glass borosilicate crowns. Despite the many benefits they offer and their luxurious look and feel, K9 crystal chandeliers are quite affordable. This can be attributed to their low production costs.

2. Swarovski crystals

These are Australian crystals used for making chandeliers. Swarovski crystals are made from pieces of glass cut using machines and coated in a solution to provide better durability. They are commonly used for chandelier making because of their extraordinarily sharp faceting. They are also great for making chandeliers in different colors.

However, their shortcoming is that they are more on the expensive side. This is because they take a lot of money and effort for production. For instance, you need to machine cut the crystals and add polish to them.

3. Handcut crystals

They are the oldest type of crystals used in the chandelier-making industry. They are usually cand by hand on either iron or sandstone wheels. Later they are polished using marble dust to give them an incredible aesthetic appeal. These types of crystals for chandeliers are also pretty affordable. However, there are numerous expensive options of hand-cut crystal chandeliers with smoother edges and finer details. They also come in various colors.

4. Gemcut crystals

Also known as Egyptian crystals, Gemcut crystals have an excellent shine and shimmer, making them a perfect product for making chandeliers. However, these elements also mean that they require incredible levels of maintenance. You will need to clean the crystals at least once every two months. Doing this will keep them looking bright and shiny. Their shine and shimmer are because they are made with lead oxide in them.

5. Venerian chandelier crystals

These types of chandelier crystals are known for their beauty and clarity. Thus, they are commonly used for making raindrops and waterfall chandeliers. They are also more affordable than most of their counterparts above.


Other than the types of crystals for chandeliers named above, a few other less popular options are available on the market. Note that crystal chandeliers are usually delicate. However, they are also very attractive. Depending on the type of crystals, they can also be fashioned into different designs and shapes.

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